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Hearing about the benefits of the scenario, the way the actors, choice of music and the rest of the components of a great machine that drives the Tarantino films, it seems unnecessary and secondary. Mastery in the creation of a quarreling American conventions already reached long ago and it is no surprise that it was him in a film about World War II as the most erudite shows a German, a moron – a Jew, while the pattern is usually the opposite: Germany-idiot, the Jew-the fallen angel, poor intellectual. Despite the envelope, it’s just a figment of sick maniac, Tarantino still relies on realism. And I do not mean just the

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scalping scene following the shooting of the SS, but also the fact the heroes use their native language (at this point, even the great authenticity of “Enemy at the Gates” seems to be funny).

What’s up with this genius Tarantino? The guy obviously does everything the egg, there is no taboo subjects, there is a myth that you would not be able to disprove, there is a limit at which would stop and no longer spread his black comedy. The answer seems simple: to create art, it should be up to the distance. Well, that “Inglourious” is comic, of trash, and the whole story is one big sham? It’s just a movie. Contemporary entertainment at the highest level. Who says art has to be puffed up?

It is clear that the “Inglourious” does not appeal to everyone, and the main argument of the critics is that it is a stupid, worthless and exaggerated film. Oh, and Brad Pitt had a stupid look on his face (sic). The modern customer is looking in the wrong places, around every corner looking for the “real artistry” when it already exists: creation evolves, the expectations of the audience they should.


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